CRI iAtlas

The iAtlas portal serves as an interactive tool for exploring and analyzing immuno-oncology data.

Why a portal for immuno-oncology?

  • Consideration of the immune system is now fundamental to developing new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer

  • The composition of the tumor microenvironment, including the types and quantity of immune cells, is predictive of clinical outcomes and treatment response

  • Researchers need access to tools and data for understanding patient responses and improving immunotherapy

This project is made possible through generous support of the Cancer Research Institute.

iAtlas on laptop

Immune Readouts


Single-cell RNA-seq Datasets


Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Datasets


Cancer Genomics Datasets




iAtlas Partners

The CRI iAtlas is a collaboration between the Cancer Research Institute, Sage Bionetworks, Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), and UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.